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General Introduction

The Appliance and Characteristic :
1. This machine is heavy type, adopting with strengthened single-side driving system, for steady and exact running.
2. The machine is equipped with sheet-corrector, for protecting sheet from deviation in feeding, to ensure not to appear error in long folding
3. The machine is equipped with water spray device, to avoid unable to stick the box caused by dried sheet and bad line pressing.
4. The machine is equipped with sheet-corrector,for avoid sheet from deviation in feeding,to ensure not to appear error in folding process and
align incorrectly.
5. The machine is adopted with touch screen, PLC operation system, long-distance diagnose and maintenance system and remote controlling
system, to meet easy operation.
6. Conveying pressure table is adopted with special material,adjusting pressure through air pressure, equipped with sponge belt, ensuring
product quality.
7. The machine is used to laminate side-glue and 4-folding & bottom gluing, paperboard with board or B flute, E flute corrugated box.


1Feeder section

1,Seven feeding belts that adjusted separately, to make debugging easy and feeding sheet smoothly.
2,Speed controller ensures the space between box-forms balanced and keeps feeding steadily.

3,Function of feeding on/off could be operated on each side of machine.
4,Pneumatic control rod and sheet-feeding rod make it easy to adjust feeding belt.
One handle controls the registration of feeding belt.
Adjustable support and two hand-shape adjusting support are capable to support sheet piles steadily.
Six pieces of adjustable side baffle guide.
Vibrator system makes sheets fed steadily and fast.
Cleaning wheel for cleaning feeding belt.

2Pre-folding section

Due to three adjustable plates in the pre-folding section and sectional press belt structure, it makes to fold different kind of special complex box type easily.
There are two pre-folding knives in the right and left on the pre-folding section.
There is an adjusting handle in the pressure belt position.
There is a bar on the up belt unit, which can be installed the accessory devices, and easy to adjust, install and take off the devices if you needed.
There is a pre-folding accessory device, which is driven by belt on the right and left side.

3Bottom folding section

Three adjustable plates type and pressure belt structure for paper box transporting.
The top belt can be situated again to be suitable to abnormity paper box.

4Four or six corners box folding section(PCW)
1,Servo actuator drives bottom pasting and back raking system
Two back raking operating mould: have two different moving curve, such as, number one raking, narrow folding side pasting and number two raking, width folding side pasting
Two back raking drive shaft can be set and driven individually
The electric eye for testing the box embryo arriving can be set at the best testing situatio
The installation and dispatch of back hook is very easy, just need to move a screw
The data feeding control board with man-computer screen make the operation of back hook system easy.
The back and front adjusting of side slide situation is easy
The testing PLC for belt speed can be set on the transport to make the speed testing precise.

5Gluing section

1,Three adjustable plates type paper box transporting pinch structure
2,Use mechanical up gluing system (2 suits)
3,Folding part has two suits normal down gluing pot (two sides)
4Can use electric glue spreader (optional)

6Folding section

1,Three adjustable plates type paper box transporting pinch structure
2,Pinch belt guide wheel can be set on the die bed of middle board, it is used to fold the small paper board
3,The single hand belt speed adjusting device on the left or right outside plate
4,Loose the two screw can adjust situation of belt side guide wheel
5,Up board can move from front to back

7Pressure section

1,Electric counting and rejecting device
2,Blocking test device
3,All adjustment cannot be finished without any tools
4,Total four pages the second page

8Transmission section

1,Four sheet-pressing wheels are able to press anisomerous boxes.
2,Adjusting transmission pressure pneumatically
3,Speed of sheet-pressing belt with two operation modes
1)Automatic: set the space of boxes to make speed of sheet-pressing belt synchronous with that of machine. It would move only when photoelectric detector detects the boxes.
2)Manual:??? speed of sheet-pressing belt runs in constant speed.
4,Additional sponge belt is used to press the box with concave of sheet pile.

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